Activated Carbon, Biofuel Briquettes and Palm Shell Charcoal

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About Activated Carbon

The most cost-effective and widely used adsorbent

Activated Carbon is a carbonaceous material in a highly crystalline form. It has a well developed pore structure with a very large internal surface area and pore volume. These features provide activated carbon with strong adsorptive properties which are invaluable in liquid and gas phase applications including :

  • Purification of an ingredient or finished product, both in liquid or gas form,

  • Concentrate or condense a product from a liquid or gas,

  • Separate a specific chemical compound from a mixture in a liquid or gas stream.

Activated Carbon has a large scope of applications including drinking & waste water treatment, decolourisation of sugar and sweeteners, gold recovery, production of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, catalytic processes, gas treatment of waste incinerators, colour and odour correction in wines, fruit juices, palm oil and many others.

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