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Palm Activated Carbon - Product Specification

We are pleased to share with you the compelling features and advantages of our product. As its basic ingredient is like coconut shells, we have enjoyed significant success in providing this product to industries that utilise shell based activated carbon.

All shell based activated carbon feature high micro and meso porosity, in particular palm shell carbon is ideal for domestic and industrial water purification, waste water treatment and air & odour filtration systems.

Palm shell activated carbon enjoys a very high iodine number (measure of adsorbility) owing it its superior and uniform pore structure.

Our customers have found Palm Activated Carbon to exceed or at least equal that of Coconut Activated Carbon in terms of effectiveness and micro porosity when used for the purposes of water purification and waste water treatment.

As the raw material of Palm Kernels is more accessible than imported coconut shells, we can confidently provide our customers with premium grade activated carbon at a superior performance on price than coconut-based activated carbon.



Parameters Values Test Standards
Iodine Number 950 ~ 1150 mg/g ASTM D 4607-94
Butane Activity 20 ~ 30 % ASTM D 5742-95
CCL4 Activity 55 ~ 70 % ASTM D 3467-94
Ball Pan Hardness 88 ~ 96 % ASTM D 3802-79/94
Ash Content 5 % max ASTM D 2866-94
Apparent Density 0.42 ~ 0.52 g/cc ASTM D 2854-96
Moisture 5 % max ASTM D 2867-95
pH Value 9 to 11 ASTM D 3838-80/94
Size Distribution 90 % min ASTM D 2862-92

Mesh 4 x 8
Mesh 8 x 12
Mesh 8 x 30
Mesh 12 x 30
Smaller than Mesh 30

25 kg PP woven bag (with inner PE bag)
500 kg Jumbo Bag (with inner PE bag)


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