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Carbon Manufacturing Process

Selected palm kernel shells are processed at low temperatures to remove natural volatile components and residual moisture levels. The granules are then de-stoned and sorted to right sizes for activation. The by-product carbonisate powder can be processed into briquette fuel or fertilizer material.

The carbonised raw material is passed through high temperature (1000oC) activation retorts in the presence of a stringently controlled flow of steam which is used as the oxidising medium.
The resulting product is a powerful adsorbent with a range of pores of molecular dimensions. Under a scanning electron microscope the pore development is clearly visible, appearing like a porous sponge. This high concentration of pores within a relatively small volume produces a material with a phenomenal internal surface area.
To put this into perspective, a tea spoon of activated carbon would exhibit a surface area equivalent to that of a football field. It is this vast internal surface area that gives activated carbon its unique ability to adsorb a wide range of compounds from both the liquid and gas phase. The target compound is contacted with the activated carbon and subsequently diffuses into the internal pore structure. The internal surface area of the activated carbon exhibits Van der Waals forces which lock the compound into the pore structure. The process of transferring molecules from the gas of liquid phase onto a solid surface is defined as adsorption.


Carbon activation kiln

Precise sieving and extensive dedusting

Palm Activated Carbon - The compelling choice

Our customers have found Palm Activated Carbon to exceed or at least equal that of Coconut Activated Carbon in terms of effectiveness and micro porosity when used for the purposes of water purification and waste water treatment.
As the raw material of Palm Kernels is more accessible than imported coconut shells, we provide our customers with premium grade activated carbon at a superior performance over price as compared with many other types of activated carbon.
Like stated, we pride ourselves on stringent quality control to ensure uniform and consistent quality. The high specification of our product coupled with competitive pricing ensures cost effectiveness to our customers.



Stringent Quality Control and Laboratory Analysis


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