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EnviroCarbon palm activated carbon superior features provides :-
High Porosity
Large Surface Area
Favourable Pore Size
High Mechanical Strength

The key to making water potable
To make water potable, much pollutants need to be removed from the water. These compounds can range from micropollutants like pesticides, detergents and chlorinated solvents to suspended solids and residual oxidants like ozone.
EnviroCarbon plays a vital role in the removal of all kinds of organics from drinking water. It remains as the most cost effective and widely used purifier to make water clean and safe enough to drink.

Notable and Proven applications for EnviroCarbon
Potable Water and Waste Water Treatment
Drinking Water Purification
Air pollution control and Air deodorising
Gas and Vapour Treatment
Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Processes
Food / Beverage / Edible Oils Purification

Comparison Chart of Various Activated Carbon


Customer Satisfaction is Key

Our customers have found Palm Activated Carbon to exceed or at least equal that of Coconut Activated Carbon in terms of effectiveness and micro porosity when used for the purposes of water purification and waste water treatment.

As the raw material of Palm Kernels is more accessible than imported coconut shells, we provide our customers with premium grade activated carbon at a superior performance over price as compared with many other types of activated carbon.

We pride ourselves on stringent quality control to ensure uniform and consistent quality. The high specification of our product coupled with competitive pricing ensures cost effectiveness to our customers.



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