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About Biofuel Briquettes

A premium quality product that is smokeless and odourless

Our charcoal briquette is made from granular palm shell charcoal that is mashed and molded using binder. As fuel, it is hotter and last longer than ordinary charcoal. It is suitable for restaurant and household use both indoor and outdoor. It is also suitable for use in food and metallurgy industries.

Palm shell charcoal briquette is commonly used for barbeque, heating and stove fuel, incense and guacharo wood burning, hookah smoking (shisha, huble-huble, waterpipe, nargile). 

Derived from an environmentally friendly, renewable raw material

Typical charcoal briquettes made from mangrove, oak and other wood trees need more than 10 years for growth prior to felling for sawdust charcoal and briquette production. Most of these trees are felled from virgin jungle for lumber extraction.

Our biofuel briquettes are made from palm shells grown from oil palm estates. Hence are 100% made from an environmentally friendly, 100% renewable raw material. The calorific value of palm shell charcoal far outweighs sawdust or any wood charcoal, making it the most energy efficient heat source for premium food preparation.

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