Activated Carbon, Biofuel Briquettes and Palm Shell Charcoal

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Briquette Manufacturing Process

Selected palm kernel shells are processed at low temperatures to remove natural volatile components and residual moisture levels. After destoning, these granules are crushed, sieved and dedusted to correct size for entry to briquetting machine. Our charcoal contains a very high fixed carbon content (>90%) leading to production of premium quality briquettes.

The processed palm charcoal granules are then fed into a tumbler mixer wherein binders are added under a steam stream. Upon proper mixing, the material feed is then press briquetted under high pressure to form various briquette sizes.

The pressed briquettes are then cure dried under controlled conditions of the dryer to harden and dry the briquette to usable state. The briquettes can be packed to varying packages to suit differing market requirements.


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