Activated Carbon, Biofuel Briquettes and Palm Shell Charcoal

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Briquette Product Application

A premium quality product that is smokeless and odourless

The key advantage of briquettes are it relative lack of dust and ease of handling. It features a high level of fixed carbon, making it last longer with high heat retention capacity. It is smokeless and odourless during combustion.

Palm shell charcoal, like that of coconut shell charcoal, are a far superior raw material for purposes of heat briquettes as compared to wood chips, sawdust, coal or coke. Shell based charcoal contains the highest heat calorific value relative to weight and gaseous emissions.

This makes our palm charcoal briquettes one of the preferred BBQ fuels in Korean and Japanese restaurants. Owing to its high heat capacity relative to weigh, and to its unsurpassed odourless and smokeless qualities, restaurants are achieving high cost efficiencies when using our charcoal briquettes

Our Biofuel Briquettes feature :

-Higher burning temperature & long-lasting combustion hour
-Lower ash content
-Higher fixed carbon
-Less crack & better strength

Lighting up briquette
First 30 seconds of heating up
Full heat lasting 3-4 hours Diagrammatic air flow


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