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Palm Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon of Palm base remains the most cost effective and powerful purifier for drinking water treatment and waste water treatment. It is also provided to varied industries where its specifications suits its needs.


Coconut Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon of Coconut base enjoys a client base that relies on its proven characteristics. Our Carbon can be activated to exacting standards and further treated by acid washing to meet customers’ requirements.


Biofuel Briquette

Our charcoal briquette is made from granular palm shell charcoal that is mashed and molded using binder. As fuel, it is hotter and last longer than ordinary charcoal. It is suitable for restaurant and household use both indoor and outdoor.


Palm Shell Charcoal

Our Palm base Charcoal is a versatile heat provider, suitable for both domestic and industrial use. Its low odour emission and smokeless qualities make it a heat granule of choice.



Empty Fruit Bunch Fibre

Processed and baled EFB Fibre has many industrial and farming applications. Suitable as a material for wood-based products (particle and fibreboards), composite panels, pulp & paper, soil stabilization and horticultural applications.

EnviroCarbon Sdn Bhd

Using biomass to add constant and sustainable value to the oil palm industry


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